Uniforms keep your employees looking clean, neat and professional. They’re a great employee benefit that employees really appreciate. Research proves that your customers and prospects will feel your company and employees are more trustworthy, experienced, dependable, and professional. Isn’t that the kind of image you’d love to have?  Clean, repaired uniforms also are an important part of a complete safety program.

Model offers the finest quality and variety of work and casual uniforms.  If your needs are basic industrial, casual apparel, executive wear, hospitality, higher image, flame resistant and hi-visibly, outerwear, medical, or hospitality, Model has what you need!


Mats keep your business safe, clean, dry and bright, preserve your floors and reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

  • Mats stop 80% of the dirt that would be tracked in to your business.
    90% of the cost of maintenance is labor, and rental mats cut down on maintenance costs.
  • It costs $500 in labor, equipment and supplies to remove one pound of dirt from a building, and rental mat service removes the dirt for you for a nominal rental charge.
  • Mats help prevent against costly slip and fall incidents. 30% of workplace injuries are slip-related. The average cost of these injuries exceeds $12,000 (Wausau Insurance Co.)
  • Mats fight dirt, sand, rain, snow and slush.
  • Mats work all day, every day. They are your “Year-Around Silent Janitor” that always shows up to work and doesn’t complain, 24/7


Nothing is handier than renting cloth wiping towels. They are delivered on a schedule to meet your needs and require no financial investment. They are made of soft, absorbent cotton and pose no disposal hassles. Benefits include:

  • No required inventory
  • No ordering costs
  • No disposal costs
  • Continuous supply of clean, sanitary towels
  • Soft, absorbent cotton is more durable than paper
  • Variety of towels for every need

Towel Reuse Reduces Solid Waste– It’s GOOD for the environment. For more information about Model’s “GREEN” initiatives click here.

ALSO AVAILABLE: OSHA-COMPLIANT OILY WASTE TOWEL CANS to protect against spontaneous combustion fires. Store your towels neatly and safely. Product Code 25600 16″ daimeter 10 1/4″ high

Restroom Services

We bring you what you need when you need it so you never run out!

  • No required inventory
  • No ordering costs
  • No disposal costs
  • Continuous supply of clean, sanitary towels
  • Soft, absorbent cotton is more durable than paper
  • Variety of towels for every need


  • Blue denim aprons with pockets
  • Foodservice aprons in White, Red, Black, and Green
  • Clean. Sanitary. Economical. Convenient. Never Run Out. Automatic Replacements

Dust Control

Treated Dust Mops, Wet Mops, Treated Dust Cloths

  • Chemical treated rental mops make cleaning easier, faster, and more effective
  • Fights “sick building syndrome”– improve indoor air quality
  • Protect the investment in your floors
  • Reduce floor maintenance costs
  • Don’t just move dirt around…REMOVE IT with chemically-treated mops
  • No handling of dirty mops by your employees
  • Continuous supply of fresh, clean, sanitary mops


We’ll wash your cotton or rubber work gloves, even dry-clean leather gloves

Flame Resistant and High Visibility Apparel

We offer specialized apparel for protection for foundries, flame cutting, welding, electrical and gas utilities, plus the chemical, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. We offer products that protect against flames, chemicals, wind and rain, electrical arcs, flash fires, and heat.  NFPA-70E garments can be found here.  Hazard Risk Categories 1,2,3, and 4 are all available and identified.  Watch Bulwark videos showing how their products protect while others burn.

Does your staff know what to do in an Emergency?
Let us help you and your staff be ready!