Theresa Sander

Safety Consultant

Theresa began her sales career 19 years ago after graduating from WMU.  She says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Theresa is a Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR, AEDs  and MIOSHA compliant programs.  Her objective is to exceed her customers’ expectations by responding quickly to their needs; by providing outstanding products and services with a positive attitude.   She also has learned over the years that she needs to offer products that actually are a need not just a want.  Model First Aid, Safety and Training provides every aspect of the safety spectrum she was looking for.  Theresa is married to Paul and has three boys.  She is involved with her church as a prayer elder and in children’s ministries.

Cindy Schihl

Safety Consultant

I joined the Model First Aid, Safety and Training Team in 2006 bringing with me, a strong background in marketing, sales and customer service management.  The one area I like best about working at MFAST lies in facilitating MIOSHA compliance training programs.  “It’s an area where we shine and the one sure way to cement very personal and long-lasting relationships with our customers.”  I reside in a small agricultural/resort community in North-Western Michigan and in my spare time enjoy spending time on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. Cindy is also a Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR, AED and MIOSHA compliant programs. 

Justin Laskowski

General Manager and Safety Consultant

Justin was born and raised in the Bay City area. Justin was a successful athlete on Michigan State University’s diving team, and graduated with a degree in Communications.  Justin joined Model First Aid Safety and Training in 2009 with a strong sales and marketing background. He has a passion for developing relationships with customers by helping them maintain MIOSHA standards and with by promoting safety in the workplace. Justin lives in Grand Rapids and enjoys staying very busy spending time with his wife and young twin boys.  In his spare time he enjoys golfing and coaching diving.  Justin is also a Certified Instructor in First Aid, CPR, AEDs and MIOSHA compliant programs.