• You can actually communicate directly with the owners!– We are the only locally owned, and operated, third-generation company of its kind in Michigan.
    • Your dollars stay local; you are benefiting your local community by using MFAST as your supplier.
    • Community Involvement- United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity, GVSU and Davenport Scholarships. MFAST contributes generously to local charities and institutions.
    • Caring; We are big enough to serve you with all of your safety requirements, yet small enough to care about every customer.
    • MFAST employees report directly to the owners and are all intently focused on customer care and support; unlike giant public, national companies that have a corporate HQ in some far off glass tower. Our goal is to satisfy you, customers on Main St., not stockholders, on Wall St.

MFAST employees all share ONE common goal: “Take Care Of Our Customer”

MFAST offers a complete, comprehensive and integrated occupational safety program.

  • One-stop shopping- MFAST offers a complete line of Safety equipment, Gloves, Safety Glasses, Hearing Protection, Respiratory Protection, Hard Hats, Safety Training Videos and hundreds of other items in stock. Why use one company for your first aid service, one for safety items, and another for first aid training and yet another for OSHA compliance and safety training. Save the hassle. We do it all!
  • Written Program Development- OSHA requires every organization to have up to 22 customized written safety programs. MFAST specializes in helping you to meet these requirements.
  • Safety training in your facility- Safety and OSHA compliance training is at YOUR place and YOUR time convenience 24/7/365! Our trainers have done classes at 3 a.m., on Sundays and even on holidays. We make it work for you.
  • Regional and National coverage available through our affiliates.
  • Customer Question Hot Line- Got a safety question? Our safety expert will personally answer your compliance and safety questions. Call Justin 616-890-1789.